Monday, June 27, 2005

Being Polite

Stacy was here baysitting Ava today. She had some guy stop by to visit. Besides having a voice that could be heard blocks away, his language was liberally peppered with 4-letter words. So, I walked outside to ask that he watch his language, especially considering that Ava tries to repeat everything she hears.

Stacy says he's trying to, but he's never been around babies before.

My response? "And I guess he's never been around people either? It's only common courtesy when you visit someone's house."

I wonder why he didn't stick around very long after that? ;))



JJ said...

Ugh - when did parents stop teaching their kids manners?? I have a short temper, can be very opinionated, tend to be outspoken, and through all this still use the impeccable manners and respect for others that my mother taught me from early childhood. I doubt it was that difficult for her to teach all ten of us those manners (as opposed to NOT teaching us them) and still hold down a full time job.
I read your blog quite a bit, Cat, and just thought I would comment because this sort of thing strikes a chord with me.
Thanks for being a part of my morning coffee ritual!

JoyceJ in Cancun!

Cat said...

All the way from Cancun, huh? Wow! Thanks for reading. I put up a little blog up so you can see my beach. Cancun's is better, though.