Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Yikes....Foiled Again!

After work today, I got my nails done. The place where I've been going recently has an all spanish-speaking staff, and they always talk to each other and joke around in spanish.

Since my spanish is so bad, I usually don't ever tell anyone that I speak it unless I have to. (Is that voyeuristic of me? Just to listen in on other people's conversations like that? Without them knowing that I understand?)

Today though, the girls were in rare form, teasing one of the other nail techs, and the jokes were getting funnier and funnier until I couldn't keep a straight face anymore. I finally had to burst out laughing.

They all just stopped and looked at me. "You speak spanish?" Just a little, I say.

I guess my secret is out. ;)) Oh, well. At least now I have more people to practice my bad spanish with, haha. I'll have to find someone else to eavesdrop on.


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