Friday, June 17, 2005

We all scream for ice cream!

About a month ago, someone offered me an open invite to come out to dinner with them, since they go out just about every night. Tara has told me twice now that I better call and go out with them, because they're starting to get upset and insulted that I haven't taken them up on the offer yet. I've just been sooo tired, but that's another blog. Anyway, I called them last night to see if I could join them. Here's how the call went...

Hi there, it's Cat.

Oh, hi! We were just getting ready to go out for dinner. Do you want to join us?

Sure, where are you going?

Over to the italian place. Can you come over now?

Yes. I just have some groceries in the car, I have to put them in the freezer, then I'll be right there.

(pause) Oh. (longer pause) Well, why don't you meet us there, then?

I don't know where it is, can you give me directions?

(begins a long, confusing set of directions. I almost don't even know where to turn after I leave my driveway)

That sounds really confusing. I'll just come over. I can be there in ten minutes.

It's really not that hard. (more babbled directions) The thing is, well, if we leave our house right now, we can get there before 6:00. If we make it by 6:00, well, um, we get a free dessert.

WHAT?!?? Did I hear that correctly? These people don't even normally eat dessert! And they surely aren't short for cash. What is it about Florida that makes people so friggin' wierd about stuff like this? I almost felt like telling them I'd buy them the damn scoop of ice cream, but instead I just agreed to meet them there. I could call the restaurant for clearer directions.

I sure had to admit defeat on this one, a free scoop of spumoni was up for grabs!


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