Friday, June 10, 2005

Goodbye, Bill

Today is my cubby-mate's last day of work here. He is leaving to pursue a career in real estate, at which I'm sure he will excel. (so, Bill, think of me when you're a real estate mogul!)

We've been cubby-mates for years, though, and who could ever replace him and his inimitable style?

Who will hold my hand when I'm feeling down? Who will tell me jokes when the day gets stressful? Who is going to be my personal secretary when I'm on vacation? Who will be my living thesaurus when I can't think of the word I need? And who is going to tell me who's boffing who?

Well, good luck, Bill. I know we'll still be friends outside of work, but there'll never be another cubby-mate like you.


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Nemo said...

I've been cruising down memory lane today and was thinking of you and decided to tap into your blog. Amazing! All the memories which are here! Very glad to see you are still writing in it and I DO think of you often!
Later this year, in December, I'll be at my timeshare in Fort Lauderdale and would love to see you and catch up. 12/2 through 12/16. Hopefully my new cook book will be out!!