Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Back To Work

Oh, well, the hurricane's over (at least for me) and all is back to it's normal state of abnormal. My heart and prayers go out to those on the Gulf Coast who were affected by the worst Kristina had to offer.

All we really got at my house was some wind and rain. South of me, there were a lot of trees toppled or with broken branches, and many people lost their power. Some still don't have it back.

Although we never lost power, we're still hot as hades in our house, because our air conditioning appears to be broken. Well, hot air is blowing out of the vents, so I should say it is broken. Luckily we have a service contract on our appliances (see? I'm not always a dummy) so the girls are calling them today to come out and fix it. I bet it's the compressor that they've been telling me to replace for 3 years. Oh, well, hope they can fix it again, because I still can't replace it.

Stacy is feeling a lot better. She still can't work, unfortunately, but she's going to physical therapy and doing much better than the doctors ever thought she would.


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