Monday, August 08, 2005


I can't believe it's been almost two weeks already since the accident. I've lost all sense of time, and until I went back to work I didn't even know what day it was most of the time.

Stacy left the hospital after a week and is now here recuperating at my house. So my small house is now miniscule, what with a bed in the living room (since she can't get upstairs) and the other furniture pushed aside so Stacy can hobble around with her walker. She and Tara decorated the walker with ribbons and flowers, so it's actually kind of cute.

Stacy is doing very well, though. The doctors were surprised that she was able to leave the hospital so soon. She's been working very hard, and pushing herself from the start to do even the smallest things, like sitting in a chair in the hospital as much as she could instead of laying in bed, which helped her lung heal faster. She has been taking a walk (a slow one) every day, and doing what little physical therapy she is able. I have to give her credit, she's a fighter, and that is making a big difference in her recovery.

Other than that, things are back to normal. Or as normal as they ever get around around here. ;-)

Thanks to all of you who sent well-wishes and notes. They really meant a lot to me, and knowing that you cared helped me get through a tough time.

Oh, I also want to give props to State Farm and the Dan Sawyer Agency. They've been great through the whole thing, keeping in touch with me often, and my agent even sent the girls a get well card signed by everyone in the office. It was a nice little personal touch that I don't think I would have gotten from most insurance companies.


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Lolita said...

Very glad to hear that Stacey is recuperating so well!! Sounds like a tight squeeze at your house for sure - you must need a shoe horn to get in now!