Thursday, August 25, 2005

A "snow" day!

4:30 AM. I groggily roll over and hit the snooze button on the alarm, for ten more minutes of blissful sleep. Just as I enter no-man's land, the alarm across the room starts blaring it's own early warning system.

Since I have to get out of bed to turn this one off, I begin my morning routine. By the time alarm #1 goes off again, I'm ready to turn it off for good and finish getting dressed and out the door.

I grab my lunch, get in the car, and just before I get on the Turnpike, I hear on the news that there is no school in Broward or Miami-Dade counties due to the impending hurricane.

Hmmmm....I wonder.....

So, from my cellphone, I call the Hotline phone number on the back of my work badge, and Halleluja!!!!

"Due to reports of an impending hurricane in the area, all South Florida facilities will be closed today. Call at 8:00 PM for further updates."

Of course, there isn't much to do today because there are no other businesses open either, but I can still go home and crawl back into my nice warm bed with the sheets pulled up to my chin, watching TV and eating bon-bons.




Lolita said...

Just hope that you weren't too badly affected by the hurricane. I was thinking of you and your family when I heard it was going over South Florida.

Sadly for me..."snow days" up here in Montreal will be a reality soon! I cannot believe how fast summer has gone!!

Eileen said...


How was the hurricane in your area? Hope you and your family made it through safe and sound.

How's your daughter's recuperation progressing?

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