Saturday, October 15, 2011

Another Addiction

I’ve had some (well, a lot of) wire stashed in my beading supplies since years ago, when I thought I would do something with it and then never did.  I’ve made a few simple loops and wrapped loops here and there when I needed to, but never took it much further.

I finally got out all my wire today and went looking for tutorials. I found plenty of them at Jewelry Lessons.   After I finished drooling over all the pretty things, I picked a tutorial marked ‘beginner’ by Pat Capo, called Single Spiral Ring.  Her directions were fantastic, and I managed to make this:

My First Spiral Ring

One thing I definitely learned – It’s important to file the cut ends of your wire!  I tried to put the ring on before I filed it and I cut my finger.  Ouch!  But now that I’ve filed it properly, it fits well and it’s very comfortable.

And I think I have a new addiction.  I downloaded a bunch of tutorials in my thirst for wire knowledge.  I think I grabbed every free one they had, and once I pick up some basic skills I can go on to the more advanced paid tutorials.  Jewelry Lessons is a great site!  Many experienced teachers with lots of knowledge to share.

On another note, I think I might have some exciting (to me, at least) news to report at the beginning of this coming week!  Stay tuned.

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Therese's Treasures said...

Great looking ring Cat! I enjoy the tutorials on Jewelry Lessons they are wonderful.