Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Little Cube

I made a mistake and bought the wrong size jump rings for a bracelet project (embarrassingly, several times), and then I had to also buy the right sized ones. Now I have more jump rings in my house than the bead store has!  (I'm not kidding, I have hundreds of them, LOL)  So I decided to do something constructive with them and teach myself chainmaille.

Little did I know, chainmaille is fun and is just as addicting as beading!  Of course, as usual, I jumped in feet first.  I could have started with something simple, and probably should have, but hey, why not go all in?  I spotted this pattern for a cute little chainmaille cube by lunabellvarga, and just had to have one of my own.

Thank goodness the directions were very clear and there were good photos!  It was still a bit confusing in spots, but I did manage to successfully make a little cube.  Now I'm on the hunt for more chainmaille projects to work with.

Here is a photo of my finished cube...


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