Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Week In Seattle

I haven't posted in quite a while, and now I arrive at Blogger to make a post and the layout is completely different!  Arghhh!  I hope I can figure it all out.  Obviously, I did figure out how to get to the page where I compose a post, now if I can just get it to publish correctly, maybe I can figure out the rest of the site later.

I have just had a great week in Seattle spending time with my granddaughter.  The weather was great all week, and Seattle is really a fun place.  There is always something to do, and most everything is within walking distance.  My old bones are aching after all that walking, though.  And up and down hills no less!

We did lots of fun things together.  We saw the movie Pirates in 3D.  She really wanted to see Dark Shadows, but she is only seven and her guardians wouldn't let her see it. Boo on them, I'd have taken her.  I used to watch the series as a kid, I'd run home from school so I could turn it on at 3:30.

We watched a Mariners baseball game at Safeco Field.   The Mariners won in a shutout against the Twins.  YAY!  Good day for us to attend.

There is an annual Elders Tea at her school, which I attended with her. It's lots of fun.  We got all dressed up and wore jewelry that we made.  The teachers served us tea, cookies, fruit, and finger sandwiches.

We went out for ice cream.  There is a new gelateria by her house.  I had chocolate and ricotta gelato.  The ricotta was surprisingly good!  She had mango for her first flavor, and I can't remember the second flavor she had.

We spent a lot of time at the park.  She loves going to the park, and at the one near her house there is always something going on.  We saw some people doing a fashion photography shoot, and then we took some "fashion model" pictures ourselves.  We watched people practicing dance moves, people playing baseball, a group playing croquet (believe it or not, she really loved the croquet!), and just generally hung out and had fun.

And of course we ate Peeps.  Shhhhh...she is not allowed to have them, so each year I sneak them there in my suitcase and we go to the park and eat them.  Hey, what are grandmas for?  ;-))

Next post I'll have pictures of the bracelets we made together (she is a pretty good little beader!) and of the earrings that she designed and made for me all by herself.

So, that was my week.  How was yours?


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