Sunday, March 17, 2013

A-to-Z Blogging Challenge

It's only two weeks until the A-to-Z blogging challenge starts. I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

Anyone who follows my blog knows that I'm a sporadic poster at best.  Will I be able to post every day for a month? I hope so, because this seems like it's really going to be fun.

I wrote down the alphabet letters and I'm writing down topics next to each letter as I think of them, so I'll be somewhat prepared. I haven't thought of anything for "K" yet. Kumihimo? I've never done it and really don't have much of an interest in trying it, but maybe I could show some pictures of other people's beautiful kumihimo projects.

Some people in the group are pre-blogging and scheduling their posts to appear on the proper day. That might be a good idea.  At least that way I know I won't miss a day.

I'm also excited to read some new blogs. We've been encouraged to put a two-letter code by our blog name to denote what type of blog it is. That will make it easier for me to find other craft blogs to read (and get hooked on).

Click on the link in the first sentence if you want to join me in this challenge!



Rebeccah Giltrow said...

Hello. Just thought I'd stop by to give you a wave *wave* and wish you luck with the challenge. I've planned my posts because I know I'm not very good at writing on the hop, and I might forget a day. I don't like losing so if I plan my posts I know I'll be able to get to the end of the month with no problem (I hope!). I just need to find something for Z and then I'll be all done.

Naomi said...

Hi Cat, good luck with the challenge :)

I was so excited to sign up that despite reading 'the rules' twice I then forgot to put CR next to my blog, oops!

I'm looking forward to seeing what other crafters come up with and I'm just in the process of planning my posts, although it seems highly unlikely I will get them all written in the next week...

Paula said...

I will be coming back to see your posts during the challenge