Saturday, July 02, 2005

Flight Plans

Finalized my flight plans for my September trip to Buenavista (Mexico). YAY!

It was funny because my sister is coming with me for part of the time, but due to price constraints, she is taking a different flight than I am. So, she was breaking the news to me that although my flight leaves Miami at 6:30, her flight would not be leaving until 7:30. I tell her, that's OK, I can wait at the airport in Mexico City for you. And she says, "no you can't, because I get there two hours before you do"!

The wonders of modern travel. She snagged a direct flight, lucky her. I guess she'll be meeting me at arrivals in Mexico City. Hopefully she'll have no trouble finding my gate....I wonder if we need a back-up plan?

Nah, we're both experienced travellers, it'll work out.


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