Monday, July 25, 2005

Some surprise!

Both of my parents turn 75 this September, and they've been hinting around about wanting a "surprise" birthday party. So, for the past month or so, we've been arranging one and things were going quite smoothly.

Until this weekend. I guess my parents got tired of waiting to see if we were throwing a party, so they decided to throw their own, and started inviting all of us. (there are 10 of us kids, plus spouses and our grown kids, and a few close friends, so it's not a small party)

Finally, I had to tell them that there was already a party planned. After they'd already spoken to 8 kids and nobody else said a word. One of us had to say something, we couldn't just go on and let them plan another party. A restaurant had been booked and some of the kids already had their plane tickets.

Well, of course, control freaks that they are, they wanted to see the place we'd booked. I took them over there Saturday night and they really liked it, thank goodness! And they had to approve the guest list. Ditto on that, they liked it.

It's actually kind of a relief now that they know, because it would have been really hard trying to keep this whole thing a surprise. We can still pull a few surprises out of the hat at the party itself.

So now do we call it an unsurprise party?


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