Wednesday, July 06, 2005


With Hurricane Dennis looming out there, even though predictions are now that it will miss the east coast of South Florida, hurricanes are in the news and on my mind. So I thought I'd just jot down some random thoughts.

I never used to be afraid of hurricanes, and we used to laugh at the weatherman's dire predictions (which never came true), since we hadn't had a direct hit in South Florida for so long. Since I've lived here, in fact, except for Andrew. And even Hurricane Andrew, with all the destruction it wrought, appeared to be a fluke that wouldn't repeat itself. But last year seemed to change the status quo, with four of them hitting us straight on. Now, as soon as the news starts putting us in the "cone of terror", I begin wishing I'd never moved to Florida. So, in other words, yes, I get "skeered".

And the newscasters are no help. You'd think they'd be trying to calm people down. Instead they whip everybody into a frenzy with their predictions of doom and disaster ahead. Makes for good news, I guess.

I always feel a bit of guilt when I'm wishing for the hurricane not to hit us, because by default I guess that would mean I'm wishing it would hit someone else. Unless it just goes back out into the ocean, or weakens into only a rainstorm. By the time I start wishing it would miss us, though, those two options are pretty much out of the question.

Like defiant teenagers, these sons and daughters of Mother Nature dance across the water, teasing and threatening, changing their temperment on a whim, first veering one way and then another, while they decide where to unleash their fury.

You'd think I would at least be prepared, since they've been telling us since April to get ready. Not this procastinator. I bought a flashlight. That's the extent of my hurricane preparation. I'll be on line at the store right before the next hurricane, fighting to buy the only remaining supplies, along with all the other people like me, who waited like idiots until the very last minute.

An interesting site (if you're into weather stuff) run by weather hobbyists, with hurricane blogs and forums is here.

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