Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Long Pearly Tila Earrings

I made these earrings last night from a pattern that I bought at Ella D's shop on Etsy. That site has lots of great patterns, and Ella's directions are easy to follow.

The pattern called for a 14mm pearl and 8/0 seed beads, but the biggest pearl I had was 8mm. So I changed the seed beads to 11/0, and boy am I glad I did! The earring looks perfect as it is, and I think it would have been way too huge with the larger beads.

Also, in the photo supplied with the tutorial, the tilas looked kind of 'floppy', so I ladder-stitched mine together. I think it looks better that way.

I'm going to make another pair with black beads. But I'll still have to use the gold tila beads because those are the only ones I have. It should look good in black and gold.



Therese's Treasures said...

Cat, those are beautiful earrings. I'm glad you changed them up just a little bit too.

Anonymous said...

ohhhhh I love those Cat!!!!! Was this a free pattern? The colors are perfect too!

Cat said...

Mandy, no, it isn't a free pattern, but it was definitely worth the few dollars I spent. I like the technique she uses for wrapping the pearl. I'm sure I'll make more of these in other colors and play to see what other variations I can add to it.


Carol Moore said...

I think the pattern is also available on ETSY, but don't remember the shop's/artist's name.

Anonymous said...

Can't find where to buy the pattern ?

Iamphia said...

Ella Des is the designer. Shop name is Ellad2. Lots of beautiful designs.

ime Goetz said...

Oooh...I LOVE ELLAD II'S designs!! I've only ventured on two but have seen two too many I like there! Great choice on smaller beads too😇