Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Sorry I haven't been posting. My computer blew up. Well, it didn't litterally blow up, but a lot of smoke started pouring out of it and it went dead. I've lost everything! All my pictures, my links, papers that I've worked on, and lots more.

And all my BEAD PATTERNS!!!!! Hundreds of them. I have nothing! I could just cry. Actually, I have cried, and I think I'll do a lot more crying.

So, now I've put a new laptop on my credit card. I've been working so hard to pay them all off too, and I was almost there. But I felt like it was a worthwhile purchase.

But I will never get my pictures back. and probably won't get most of my bead paterns back either. I've learned my lesson. Everything that I put on my computer from now on will also go on a backup drive.

If you have anything important on your computer, back it up.


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