Saturday, September 03, 2011

The cutest tiny things I've ever seen!

I was blog hopping today, and when I stopped by the Pieces of Me blog, she had linked to an Etsy shop selling the tiniest little crocheted animals I have ever seen.

And when I say tiny, I mean micro-tiny. These little animals can fit on the tip of your finger. How does someone even crochet something this small? Some of them even have movable legs and arms. I want them all! I have no idea what I would do with them, but they are just too cute!

You have to stop by this Etsy shop and see them all!



Halinka said...

Sorry.I haven't commented for so long,but I think,from now on the things are going to get better and I'll be here more often:-)

The tiny animals are incredible!I've seen them all on 'Etsy'.I think,I'd be able to make the similar ones,as I have got a little routine and skills at making so tiny crochet.I have made some small mice,You can see them in my blog.
The most incredible were those 'ladybirds'.They seem to be almost the natural size.

Cat said...

Yes, you do some very nice crochet work. I love your mice and the stories you tell about them!