Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One bracelet done

I'm learning a few things about working with the chain. A lot of the designs that I had in mind didn't work, because the chain I'm using has oval links. When I attached the chain to the beadwork, the attached link would move so that the "short" end of the link was attached, not the "long" end as I had imagined. I will have to either work up some designs where that would be incorporated or buy chain with round links, lol.

Another thing I've learned is that chain has a mind of it's own. What looks really great on paper doesn't work out so well in practice because the chain has a tendency to move where it wants to go. Fine, but I just have to plan for that in my design. I'm really determined to merge chain and beads.

After working half the night and all day, I only ended up with one simple bracelet so far, mostly because I just wanted to have something to wear after all that time working. So I just made a simple daisy chain with the copper-colored seeds and some aquamarine AB crystals, and attached it to a slide clasp. Then I attached chains on each side of the beaded work. It's okay, but not WOW. I'll probably end up taking it apart and reworking it.

Meanwhile, back to the drawing board.


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Anonymous said...

LOL, seems like I am always at the drawing board. Keep trying you'll get it!