Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Look at these beads

In my wandering around the internet today, I ran across a bead artist I'd never heard of before. Her name is Teresa Sullivan, and she does some wild beadwork! Look at this piece of art that she's wearing!

She also makes little 3-dimensional heads with faces, and makes collages of items mixed with beadwork. Take a look at her website and see some of the unusual things she does with beads. You can also watch a movie of her making one of her beaded heads.

I would love to take a workshop with her!



Halinka said...

I've seen it: the site,also the movies.I can admit that for me the beads are indispensable elements of beauty,but all those,which I saw...I cannot call it anyhow.This woman must be really bored:-)))This is not my cup of tea at all!


Anonymous said...

I've seen her website before, unlike Halinka I would love to bead a head!