Tuesday, April 02, 2013

B is for Beads

Continuing the A-to-Z challenge...

Of course you knew that I would choose Beads for my B-word. I am in love with those small, and sometimes not so small, pieces of glass!

I love that I can take tiny pices of glass less than 2mm in size and make almost anything out of them. Of course there's the requisite jewelry, but I have also made boxes, butterflies, bookmarks, keychains, candle-holders, dragons, many species of fish, and much more. I have weaved small beads together so that they made a bigger bead, a "beaded bead".

Once, just to see if I could do it, I even beaded a push-pin!

Don't set anything down in front of an avid beader, for you may return to find it covered with beads!



Paula said...

My husband says that about paint..don't sit too long or she will paint you. My closet if full of beads. Many sizes and many colors and I need to decide what I will do with all of them. Many, Many beads

Dani said...

Now this is talent. I would be throwing things out of frustration. I like to scrapbook and paint but I don't know if I could handle little things like this.
Dani @ Entertaining Interests

Kassiah Faul said...

I love Beads, too, and had a hard time narrowing down my "b" topic for today. I decided to lump beads in with embellishments, but I am glad you're focusing on them :)

I love your beaded pushpin. TFS

JoJo said...

I love beads too but I could never do the pushpin! WOW!!!!!!! My B topic today is also bead related. Gonna start following you. :)

Jennifer Wells said...

Now that pushpin beading is impressive! I really need to work on learning more bead patterns!

Anonymous said...

I'm in awe of the fine work. The Zulus in South Africa are known for their exquisite bead work. Sadly, I've never learned to do it.