Monday, April 29, 2013

Y is For Yelp

We've had our cat since she was a kitten, about 10 years now. She's always been very gentle and affectionate. She even lets little kids pick her up non-too-gently or pull her tail.

That's why I let out a loud "Yelp!" last night. I guess I moved in my sleep, and laid my foot on top of her while she was sleeping at the foot of my bed. I must have really startled her, because she jumped up and bit me so hard that it made me scream.  I think I was more startled than hurt, though.

It scared both of us. While I was wondering what happened, she scampered off to another room. She has never done anything like this before.

I guess I can forgive her. I don't think I would like someone's foot coming down on top of me in my sleep either.

Here is a picture of my little sweetheart.



JoJo said...

Yowch! You probably startled her so bad she woke up in defense mode. lol

Cat said...

@JoJo - That's what I'm thinking. I've kicked her by accident before, and she never did anything like this. She must have been in a deep sleep.

Crystal Collier said...

*ahem* I'm reminded of last night, when I punched my husband in my sleep.


I think that's happened a total of twice in 13+ years, but I'm really glad he was awake enough not punch me back. LOL!

Paula said...

Ouch! Did it break the skin? If so, make sure you clean it good.