Monday, April 08, 2013

G is for Gyöngyei

What is a gyöngyei, you may ask.  It is the Hungarian word for bead. It always helps to know a few words in other languages. I find a lot of beautiful patterns on the internet, and because the internet is global many times they are not in English.

If I'm on a Hungarian site, I look for the words gyöngyei and minta, which means pattern. The Hungarian sites have absolutely beautiful and detailed designs. Here is one from one of my favorite Hungarian beaders, Eva Kovács.

 On a Spanish site, I look for the word cuentas for bead and esquema for pattern.

In German, the word for bead is perle sometimes, and other times each bead in the pattern seems to have it's own name. They seem to have a very descriptive language! I can usually find my way around a pattern, though. I found a pattern for a beaded bead with a really fun name - Fünfeckperle. And here are some German beaded beads. The funfeckperle is the bottom one, with the ridges.

 I think that whichever corner of the world we beaders are in, our beads bring us together and we find a way to communicate with each other.That is one of the coolest things about beading!

Does your work or hobby bring you in contact with people around the world?



Dot said...

Wow, what amazing beads, made from beads! They are beautiful.

JoJo said...

Those bottom beads are gorgeous! I have connected w/ other crafters from around the world via the blogs more so than Facebook.

Paula said...

Thanks for the lesson today!

Rowena said...

Beautiful beads...and how interesting all the different names are around the world.

Janice said...

Love that! I have bought beads in several countries because my friend Arnie makes beautiful jewelry. Buuying him beads helps insure I get some used on me. :-)

Hope you are having as much fun with A to Z as I am! You can catch mine at -- am finding some great blogs!