Tuesday, April 09, 2013

H is For Hours

How many hours a day do you commit to your craft? Do you set aside a special time each day, or work when you are in the mood?

I mostly just work on my beading when I'm in the mood. If I make myself do it for a set number of hours each day, then I don't enjoy it as much. Although there are days that I've spent with a needle and thread in my hands for as many as 10 to 12 hours. I just have to be in a beading frame of mind to want to do it. One of my more detailed projects can take 40 hours of work or more by the time it's finished.

If you sell your work, how do you feel about custom orders, or commissions? To me, they are a double-edged sword. I just finished one, and while I will enjoy the money that I'll be receiving for it, I prefer the freedom of just making whatever I want to. Accepting a custom order takes some of the enjoyment out of beading for me, for some reason. I think because it makes it feel like a job, and it's supposed to be my getaway.

Well, if it starts feeling too much like a job, I can always turn down commissions. That's why I like having my own business!



JoJo said...

I can spend hours crafting! I like custom orders although I do fret whether or not I'm doing it OK or if the person will like it.

Paula said...

That is what I should do with my scrapbooking...set the hours. It will NEVER get done otherwise.

Rowena said...

I find when I'm doing design work, I get so into it the hours fly by, often the day has gone before I know it. I'm only doing it for pleasure at the moment though, if it became a job maybe things would change...who knows?