Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is For Vintage

There is a vintage shop on Etsy that I just love to look through.  It's called Scrappy Puppy Vintage, and the reason I love it is that the owner makes up some really funny stories for the items he sells. Also, he uses his profits for medical research, so here's your chance to help out and get something for yourself at the same time.

He actually makes you believe that you  need these "poison" stickers, because he comes up with so many good uses for them.

He also finds some really unusual things. How cute are these kissing duck salt and pepper shakers?

I think I may be the other person he talks about in the description of this piece who still uses pencils. I like them better than pens because I make a lot of mistakes and I can erase. This is a very cute pencil sharpener, and I may claim it for myself.

Visit the Scrappy Puppy Vintage shop yourself, and often, as you never know what you will find there.



JoJo said...

I love it!!! Am afraid to visit Etsy or ebay or any other site where I might be tempted to spend money I don't have!

Anne Mackle said...

That pencil sharpener is just so funny I must go and have a look.

Crystal Collier said...

LOL! I'm a pencil-a-holic, but that might be because we home school. =)

And I agree, everyone needs a poison label. I mean, duh!

Rowena said...

I've just check out that site on etsy, he has an odd collection? 21 gay street book sounds interesting!

Paula said...

I just gave away a whole collection of those pencil sharpners!

Scrappy Puppy said...

Always good to see people enjoying my 100% pure junque and 67% pure treasures.

I like to watch how people react to the unexpected. That is almost my theme, though I sell some fairly normal items to help pay the bills.

Yes, we work on certain types of brain damage recovery, and would starve without support from our shops. Other funding is just a bit short last few years. We hope to catch up when our next book comes out, next year.

I have one:

Zed = Canadian person speaking