Monday, April 15, 2013

M is For Meme

Is a Blog Award, the kind where you have to answer questions and pass it on, a meme? I think so, and so I am using it for my "M" day post.

I was given a Liebster Award by Rowena, of Designs by Rowena. I have no idea what a Liebster award is (at first I thought it said Lobster Award, hehe) but here are the rules:

a) Nominate 11 other bloggers to receive the award (I'm sure they'll be thrilled)
b) Tell everyone 11 random facts about myself
c) Answer 11 questions that Rowena asked me

11 random facts about me:

1.   I was born in Frankfurt, Germany while my dad was stationed there in the army.
2.   I am a grammar and spelling perfectionist.
3.   I love, love, love chocolate.
4.   I make my bed every morning. (Provided I'm not still in it)
5.   I greatly admire people who do glass-blowing as an art.
6.   My toilet paper goes OVER the roll.
7.   I own over 500 tubes of seed beads. And I still never have the exact color I need at any specific moment.
8.   I am a procrastinator.
9.   I never answer my phone unless the caller is one of my daughters.
10. I like to watch Adult Swim.
11. I don't understand Twitter.

11 Questions I was asked by Rowena:

1. What is your favourite colour?
     I really don't have one. I like playing with all colors.
2. Which famous person would play you in a film about your life?
     After much thought, I cannot come up with an answer to this one.
3. Which celebrity do you like least, and why?
     I guess I would say Meryl Streep.  It's is nothing about her, per se, just that I have never enjoyed any movie that she's ever been in. She seems to make boring movies.
4. If you were an animal...what would you be?
     A cat. They have the life! Eat, sleep, play, repeat. And my cat is definitely the boss of my home.
5. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
     Haha, see above.
6. What is your lucky number?
7. If you were a super hero what powers would you have?
     The power to create peace in the world.
8. Worst present ever received?
     Does cat vomit on the carpet count?
9. What is your favourite board game?
     It's been so long since I've played one, but I did always enjoy Risk.
10. What is your favourite smell?
     Not really my favorite, but I've always liked the smell of hot tar. If we are talking about candles and stuff, I like lavender.
11. Can you play a musical instrument?
     I used to play piano when I was a kid, but I haven't touched one in many years.

My 11 Liebster nominees: (I asked for permission first and I got the OK from eight people)

1.  DigitalisDreaming
2.  SewLoud
3.  Tiki Hut Crafts (a brand new blog)
4.  GloriusFuqurie
5.  Noemi Betancourt
6.  Crooked Smile Creations
7.  CuriouslylyDean 
8.  Tonya Loves Life

My 11 questions for my Liebster nominees:

1.   Does your toilet paper go over or under?
2.   Where is the farthest place you've traveled to?
3.   Have you ever bought anything from Craigslist?
4.   What is your favorite candy?
5.    Do you use the Oxford comma?
6.    What is your favorite day of the week?
7.    What was the last book you read?
8.    What kind of car do you have?
9.    Name two TV shows that you like.
10.  What did you have for dinner last night?
11.  When was the last time you had a pillow fight?



Paula said...

I don't understand twitter either. But I enjoyed your Meme!

Rowena said...

Great answers! I'm a cat person too, check out my M blog today,it's all about my cat Minnie. Loved the lobster award ha ha