Saturday, April 13, 2013

L is For Let It Go

I got this blog title from my daughter's boyfriend. We're having a yard sale today, and I was lamenting that I hadn't done my blog yet for the letter "L".  He said "Let it go!".

And so we are. As nice as it is to think about all the space we'll have after some of this stuff is gone, it's hard to sell of little bits and pieces of your life. Often for insanely small amounts of money.

Where a customer sees a 25 cent stuffed animal, I see sleepless nights, afternoons at the emergency room, and ice cream cones. Another customer sees a 1 dollar book of sheet music where I see a family singing along while my dad plays the piano.

Now I know why there are companies that do estate sales for people. It's very difficult to bargain for a reasonable price when one of us is using sentimental value as a bargaining chip.

Well, I'd better get back out there.  Lots of stuff left to sell.



Paula said...

I hope the garage sale was a huge success!

Rowena said...

I understand completely where you are doing from. A a hoarder, I keep so much stuff I don't really need. This only came to light when we were sorting everything to move from the UK to the US and I had to give do much stuff away to charity shops, things I have good memories for so it is upsetting. It had to be done though...:(

JoJo said...

I could never get rid of my stuffed animals. We should have a yard sale but I hate parting w/ my stuff.

Rowena said...

I have nominated you for a Liebster Award....I dont know if it means much to be honest. Check out my blog (and the 2 x bloggers who nominated me) for the rules and its upto you if you decide to do the questions etc

Me said...

let it go, somethings become to difficult. :)

-Fellow blogger from A to Z!