Saturday, April 06, 2013

F is For Facebook

Ahhh, Facebook, such a fickle friend you are! One day you are so kind to me, allowing me to post my thoughts and pictures with nary a problem. Then I come back to visit on another day, and you don't show my comments or you won't upload my pictures. Is that a nice way to treat a friend?

And I wish you would warn me ahead of time, when I am about to open the page, just say "Cathi, don't look at me today. It's all nonsense." No, instead you suck me in, when I am supposed to be beading. Before I know it, I have spent hours with you, doing very much of nothing, and no beading has gotten done.

Also, why are you so mean to my business page? I spend a lot of time composing a post that I think might be interesting to my fans, but you only show it to about 10% of them. That isn't nice, especially when I am visiting you every day, giving you revenue with the ads you show on my page. I don't even hide the "sponsored" posts you put on my page. Show me a little love, please?

Anyway, Facebook, I think it's one of those 'can't live with you, can't live without you' relationships. You know what I mean. Every time I try to break it off, you entice me with an email. I have notifications!  Oooh, I wonder what they are. And I wander over again, drawn in, unable to resist seeing the latest pictures of my grand-daughter, what projects my bead buddies are working on, or what my far-away friends are eating for dinner.

So, Facebook, please try to be a less fickle friend and I'll try to visit more often. OK?



JoJo said...

FB my ultimate time I got the new version of timeline a couple weeks ago and my newsfeed got changed 2 days ago. Since then I've had a lot of issues and my friends have been complaining of their problems too. Wish they'd quit tinkering with that site.

Rowena said...

I agree, it's a kind of love/hate relationship with FB. It's great for keeping in touch with friends and family, but you end up with too many people that you don't really know, or want to know. So many rubbish status updates too, I don't really want to know what everyone is up to every second of their day! Do you?

Paula said...

I am glad that I have broken my addiction! I still go but I don't spend all day there. My big challenge now with Facebook is to monitor two grand kids. Facebook can also be a bully and be so mean!

Cat said...

I know Rowena, there is a lot of rubbish. I find Google+ has a little more intelligent chatter, but most people don't use it yet. Just as well, or it would turn into another Facebook, right?