Friday, April 19, 2013

Q is For Quilts

One of the new commenters on my blog this month, Nita, has a quilting blog, and that got me started thinking about buying quilts for my two new grandbabies coming.

I've always loved quilts. They are beautiful, and so much love and work goes in to them. Even if they are small baby quilts, they can be kept as wall-hangings after the baby has grown out of them.

Large quilts do a great job of keeping you warm on cold nights. They can be handed down as family keepsakes.

Quilts can be made out of quilt blocks, or they can be made of materials that have special meaning to you. Maybe your collection of T-shirts that you never wear any more, or a babies old clothing.

You should check out Nita's blog. It has a lot of information about making quilts that I never knew before.



JoJo said...

Quilting and sewing skills elude me. Love quilts though.

Anonymous said...

A quilt is on my wish list too, but for myself.

Paula said...

Quilts can be so comforting

Connie Gruning said...

I have a Quilt my Grandmother made me and it's perfect. It was made with LOVE!!
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